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Positive Discipline & Uniform Expectations

We believe that students should take pride in their personal appearance, and in membership of our Academy community. Please click here to view our Uniform Expectations. 


  • To promote a sense of pride in our school
  • Practical and smart
  • Sense of community
  • Health & Safety
  • To keep cost as low as possible
  • Uniform and other items

All WA students are expected to wear their full uniform, in the correct way to and from school.

  • The Academy Blazer and tie
  • White Shirt with top button and collar
  • Black Trousers or knee length pleated Skirt
  • Black 40 denier tights with skirts
  • Black Leather shoes which cover and protect the top of the foot

Please note that we have a range of pre-worn uniform available and may be able to offer financial assistance to families. If you have any queries around this, please contact your child's form tutor in the first instance.    

In addition to the above we consider our uniform to include:

  • School bag and equipment-see below
  • Academy Planner (Year 7 and 8 currently)

Wear it correctly:

  • Top button on shirt is fastened
  • Tie all the way up to the collar
  • Tie is down to the waist
  • Shirt is tucked in
  • Students who do not arrive at school with all items of uniform will be sent home to get the missing items and return to school. We will contact you before we do this. Students who wear the uniform incorrectly will be given a 15-minute detention at 3.30pm on that day as part of the WA CORE policy.

School Bags

Academy Planners will be provided to help students organise and record their work but it will also become compulsory for every student to bring a School Bag with them to school every day. This must be at least big enough to hold an A4 file without it being folded. As well as school books, PE kit and Academy planners, students must have at least one pen and pencil with them at all times, as well as a rubber and ruler. Anyone not having these will be expected to purchase them from the Student Services.

Our Uniform Partners are Zutti & Co Oldham.

Zutti won this contract following a tendering process where we decided they provide the best quality and best value uniform for our pupils.

We strongly recommend only buying our uniform from Zutti. DIsclaimer: If you choose to purchase our uniform from other companies, their products may not meet our official uniform standards and may not be of the quality our partners provide.


81/83 Yorkshire Street



For more information call us on 0161 665 1016

Click here to Buy online with free home delivery at www.zutti.com or come into the store.


MON – SAT : 9:00AM – 5:30PM


Main Uniform  
Uniform Item Cost (£)
Blazer £25.00
V-Neck Knitwear £18.00
Trousers £15.00
Skirt £15.00
Shirt / Blouse (pack of 2) £15.00
Tie £5.00
PE Kit
Polo Shirt £12.00
Shorts £8.00
Socks £4.00
Training Top £18.00
Track Pants £15.00

Link to full Academy Positive Discipline Policy (Uniform Policy View in Appendix 2