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The Quality in Careers Standard Award

An introduction for parents to our Quality Assurance of Careers Education & Guidance Source

We all want the very best futures for our sons and daughters, so parents need to be assured that schools and colleges provide top quality careers support. So, if a school or a college holds our nationally recognised Quality in Careers Standard for its CEIAG, parents can be assured that it does provide its students with careers support of the quality of the best.

To achieve our national quality award, schools and colleges submit their CEIAG programme for rigorous external assessment and accreditation by the Licensed Awarding Body. The assessment is made against national standards by an expert CEIAG assessor who is independent from the school or college.

We have appointed a number of Licensed Awarding Bodies for the Quality in Careers Standard across England. All are accredited against the same national criteria by our Quality in Careers Consortium. You can read more about this below and via the Guide to the Standard.

The Quality in Careers Standard requires schools and colleges to demonstrate that their careers programme:

  • has strong leadership from the Head Teacher/Principal, the senior leadership team and the governing body
  • with effective training for staff involved in planning and delivering the careers programme

The school or college must have an effective programme of careers education, enterprise and employability including work-related learning opportunities for students.

Employers as well as further and higher education providers must be involved in the programme to open up and increase students’ understanding of a wide range of options, routes and providers of apprenticeships, colleges and universities.

All students must be included in the careers programme. We require schools to demonstrate that their careers programme will:

  • Educate, prepare and inspire young people as they make decisions about their future learning and work choices
  • Improve their motivation and aspiration
  • Develop their career learning skills, knowledge and attributes, and
  • Increase their understanding of work-based issues such as prejudice, stereo-typing, discrimination and equal-opportunities.


By achieving the externally assessed Quality in Careers Standard parents can be confident that the careers support provided by the school or college will help every student to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to take control of their futures.  www.qualityincareers.org.uk/the-standard/introduction/