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Our Vision, Ethos and Values


Waterhead Academy are partners in the highly regarded South Pennine Academies family and we firmly believe in educating young people to be successful through strong leadership, high performing staff and through engaging communities.

Our vision is simply to maximise every child’s potential to ensure we can confidently say we gave every student his or her GCSE passport to success. Our motivation is to ensure that positive relationships are at the core of what we do every day, along with high quality teaching and pastoral care overseen by strong and passionate leadership.

Our core values of Respect, Ambition and Determination underpin everything that we do, and we passionately believe that, as educators, we have the power and responsibility to inspire our students to be the best they can be - to enable our learners to pursue their dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow.

For us, it is essential that all members of our school community put in the time and energy to bring our ethos to life. It is important that everyone who steps through our doors - staff, students and parents - are excited to be here and understand that everything we do is underpinned by our three core values of ‘Respect, Ambition and Determination.’


Waterhead Academy is a truly inclusive school that welcomes students of all abilities. We have an ethos based on positive relationships and a culture of mutual respect which enables us to provide a safe, stimulating and challenging learning environment so that every student has the best possible opportunities to succeed and excel and become independent and aspirational learners.

Our dedicated, enthusiastic and deeply committed staff, Governors and partners believe in the importance of creating a safe, stimulating, ambitious and caring environment to enable our students to have the self-confidence to use their talents and skills to thrive and achieve excellence.


We are committed to:

  • Providing a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment that is at the heart of the local community
  • Developing successful, resilient and ambitious students who contribute fully to the Academy and the wider community
  • Inspiring confident young people with an aspirational attitude to ‘be the best and to become the leaders of tomorrow’
  • Celebrating the principles of high achievement, respect and the inclusion of all students
  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum to prepare students to participate in a fast challenging and demanding world


Our core values underpin everything we do on a daily basis and are designed to drive clear expectations, and to support our vision, shaping and reflecting the culture and ethos we foster.

The aim of our three core values is to explicitly and implicitly help all of our members to operate together cohesively, rooting themselves in the culture and values of our school. It is important for us that our members understand them, articulate them, and incorporate them into everything they do, to be the best they can be in everyday situations to enable our school to excel as a world class centre of educational excellence.

  1. Respect

We are well behaved and considerate to all staff and students in our learning community.

  1. Ambition

We are hardworking and have an ambitious attitude to succeed and achieve.

  1. Determination

We accomplish our goals by being committed, disciplined and motivated to achieve a positive outcome.

If you wish to learn more about the Academy contact j.ward@waterheadacademy.co.uk, call for an appointment to speak with our admissions team on 0161 620 5859.